Types of Fuel Efficient SUVs

SUVs come in different prize ranges and sizes, varied from small models which are not larger than subcompact vehicles to extended giants that are designed on pick-up truck chassis. Midsized models usually come with the ideal balance of fuel efficiency, interior space, and engine strength. Smaller fuel safe SUVs are usually less expensive, despite their less cargo and passenger space. Larger models generally have more towing capacity and space, but they are less maneuverable, have poor gas mileage, and are more expensive.

Truck-Based vs. Car Based

Truck-based and car-based SUVs are two different types of fuel efficient SUVs. Car-based SUVs are often known as CUVs or crossovers and they are made with unibody construction where the body and frame are bonded in one unit or piece.  Most SUVs come with independent suspension and have better ride comfort and handling than truck-based models. These days, truck-based are getting more difficult to find as market switches to crossovers.

Subcompact SUVs

Subcompact SUVs like Honda HR-V, Chevrolet Trax, and Jeep Renegade usually have platform with same sized cars. Smaller models like Toyota RAV and Honda CR-V usually have less cargo and passenger space. But they provide ride height and higher seating position and some are very roomy. They also come with AWD and they make small footprint for easy maneuvering and parking.

Small SUV

They are best suited for drivers who want more space than sedan. They have great cargo space and high driving position. The fuel economy of some small SUVs rivals the same of small family sedans.

Midsized SUV

These are another fuel economy SUVs which are considered better than minivans to fulfill the needs of buyers who want large SUV. Midsized SUVs provide ideal balance of interior space, power, safety and cargo room. It is also easy to access.